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FHA have been instrumental in moving the agenda for playground design away from static metal equipment towards a progressive approach which promotes innovation in play. This comes from an in depth re-appraisal of child pedagogy, a re-translation of what safety means and listening and learning from children.  



Marylebone Green Playground

Architect: N/A
Client: The Royal Parks

FHA designed and implemented The Marylebone Green Playground in Regent’s Park. This replaced an existing and well-worn, but very popular, part of this Royal Park close to Marylebone Gate.


Abbey Road Green Space

Architect: N/A
Client: London Borough of Newham

The London Borough of Newham was granted £250,000 from the Olympic Authority to deliver improvements to the disused and run down open space situated just south of the Olympic Park (now the Queen Elizabeth Park) on the main Greenway pedestrian Link.  A key constraint of the site was the change in level and steep slope between the walkway and the new play space in the open space below.  We worked with Thames Water and other key stakeholders to create slides and a climbing wall to playfully link the two together.  This new access point delivered more users to the site and made the whole park safer providing an alternative means of access.

The popular playground is a mix of play equipment for spinning, swinging, sliding and climbing and more contemplative pieces for all children to discover and enjoy.  The play offer has acted as a new focus for the open space which is now well established as a cherished and much used facility by residents in the neighbourhood and visitors alike.


Primrose Hill Trim Trail

Architect: N/A
Client: The Royal Parks

The trimtrail was first installed over 20 years ago and has been well used since. The exercise space was popular, but has had no significant investment since it was installed.

FHA engaged in a consultation-led approach which resulted played a key role within the development plans to update the trim trail, ensuring plans to update the trail were seen as a positive.