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Alex Swallow


Alex Swallow

Assistant Landscape Architect


Alex has worked in both London and Sydney and joined FHA in 2018. With an eye for detail, he enjoys exploring the intricacies of how materials function and connect.  

He has experience on projects ranging from the design of schools and courtyards to large infrastructure works. Alex is a passionate designer driven by a deep concern for the impact that noise pollution from cities is having on the natural environment.

Over the past few years, Alex’s work has also focused on exploring the effect of acoustics and environmental sounds on human experience. His research has been directed towards using sound as a method of increasing social interaction and activating unused spaces. Through his research he has also gained experience in temporary landscape installations and interventions.

Alex enjoys music and is proficient in five musical instruments. He also loves to travel and go on an adventure, especially when hiking or kayaking is involved.


2013 - 2017 | BA (Hons), Landscape Architecture, University of New South Wales


Key Projects

Winstanley and York Road Estate Regeneration, London Regeneration and Estate Enhancement (Mixed-use), RIBA Stages 2-6

Northwold Estate, London Residential, London, RIBA Stage 2-3