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Anna Peters


Anna Peters

Assistant Landscape Architect


Anna started her career at advertising agency JWT, and for the last 12 years has been working as a brand consultant and social researcher. She has lived and worked in London, Dubai and New York; helping brands to create better product and service innovations, inspiring better communications, and producing better product designs.

Central to all of her work is a belief in human insight: by better understanding behaviours and motivations, Anna believes that more human solutions can be developed. But, places mean more to people than products and so Anna is currently undergoing a career change and studying Landscape Architecture (Part Time).

Anna hopes that her expertise in strategy, insight and co-creation and her background in Psychology will help to create more human public spaces in the future.

Anna enjoys running, camping and arguing about feminism.

2005-2006 | MSc, Occupational & Organisational Psychology, University of Surrey
On-going   | MA (with conversion), Landscape Architecture, University of East London