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Anna Peters


Anna Peters

Assistant Landscape Architect


Anna started her career at advertising agency JWT, and for the last 12 years has been working as a brand consultant and social researcher. She has lived and worked in London, Dubai and New York, helping brands to create better product and service innovations, establish better communications and produce better designs.

Central to all of her work is a belief in human insight: by better understanding people’s behaviours and motivations, Anna believes that more human solutions can be developed. But, places mean more to people than products. And so she is currently undergoing a career change; studying Landscape Architecture (Part-Time).

Anna hopes that her expertise in insight, co-creation and strategy, combined with her background in Psychology will help to create more human public spaces in the future

Anna enjoys running, camping and arguing about feminism.

2005-2006 | MSc, Occupational & Organisational Psychology, University of Surrey
On-going   | MA (with conversion), Landscape Architecture, University of East London