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Jaime Uriarte


Jaime Uriarte

Senior Landscape Architect


Jaime is confident in managing all project stages, having practiced as a landscape architect for over a decade, and with considerable on-site experience.

He believes that public spaces make a meaningful contribution to the lives of their users, advocating their reclamation and restoration. By reviving previously unloved spaces, Jaime turns ‘non-places’ into vital landscapes, which benefit the city and its people.

Jaime’s ability to reconnect sites to their people, city, history and future can be seen in recent work with Peabody in Archway, where a historic hospital building is being restored as part of a new residential development. Sensitive design is critical to the scheme, ensuring relevance to the historic context, coherence across the whole development and purposeful connection to the surrounding public realm.

Jaime is interested in graphic expression; animation in particular. He is also interested in flying, making things, and science fiction. He is most happy on his bike in and around London or getting lost in an unknown city.


2015 | Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (CMLI)

2004-2005 | PgDip, Landscape Architecture, Kingston University


Key projects:

Archway Campus, London Residential (Conservation Area), RIBA Stage 2-3

Dover Court, London
Public Realm and Regeneration, RIBA Stage 2-6

Northwold Estate, London
Residential, RIBA Stage 2-3

Maydew and Abbeyfield, London
Public Realm and Regeneration, RIBA Stage 2-4