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Karolina Moch


Karolina Moch

Senior Landscape Architect


Since joining FHA in 2014, Karolina has worked on a number of ambitious projects which have taken the principles of excellent design, and applied them to landscapes that sit above ground-level.

This includes designing a new public realm on the 27th and  75th floor of Europe’s tallest residential tower. Here Karolina, in collaboration with a variety of specialists, has designed a temperature and light controlled indoor environment which mimics the British climate. This enables the native countryside of the UK to be brought inside this new, high-rise development. Karolina’s above-ground expertise has also been fundamental to the design and build of a new roof gardens and green walls for Great Portland Estates, Soho; bringing a new, lush green space into the heart of central London

In addition to her unique ability to create landscapes in the sky, Karolina has hands-on horticultural experience, exceptional design skills, and has worked across all RIBA stages.

Karolina likes museums, galleries, land art, hiking, climbing...and Meerkats.

2011-2012  | PGCert, Landscape Design, University of Greenwich
2012-2013 | M.A, Landscape Architecture, University of Greenwich


Key projects:

30 Broadwick Street , London
Commercial, RIBA Stage 7

Landmark Pinnacle, London
Residential, RIBA Stage 4

Mansford & Avebury Estates, London
Residential, RIBA Stage 7

Walworth Estate Enhancement, London
Residential, RIBA Stages 1-2

Hammerson House, London
Residential Care Home, RIBA Stages 2-6