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Melissa Alagna


Melissa Alagna

Senior Landscape Architect


Melissa is a Landscape Architect with more than 5 years’ experience of delivering UK and international projects across a variety of scales and sectors, from large-scale, residential developments to public realm projects in Central London. She brings a breadth of experience in landscape architecture, art and architecture to her project work.

Her work expresses a strong desire to create positive connections and memorable, sustainable spaces within an urban setting. Through working and studying in several multi-disciplinary environments internationally, she has developed a belief that successful design is a full circle focusing around the community and clients’ needs.


2010-2012 | |MLA, EmiLA, Master of Landscape Architecture, Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

2008 | Master’s in art, Architecture and Temporary Spaces, Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

2000-2005 | B.Arch.  Architecture & Urbanism, Lima-Peru