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Paul Bourel


Paul Bourel

Senior Landscape Architect


Joining FHA in 2017, Paul brings with him a broad proficiency and experience in developing both large-scale masterplans and detailed design interventions. Having worked in Slovenia, the Netherlands and the UK Paul also brings his unique international experience to the practice.

Having studied both urban design and landscape architecture, and having spent two years working at an architectural practice, Paul is a precise, ambidextrous designer.

He is interested in the design of urban space and how landscape architecture can help to kick-start social spaces. Much of his work to date has focused on multi-functional spaces of leisure, culture and events, while his research is directed towards the management of public space post-construction.

Beyond the office, Paul enjoys a variety of creative activities including etching, screen printing, folding origami and making papier-mâché inventions...and brewing beer.


2007-2012 | MSC, Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art

2014-2015 | MA, Urban Design, University of Westminster


Key projects:

Island Point, London
Residential, RIBA Stages 2-6

Winstanley and York Road Estate Regeneration, London
Meanwhile and Community Engagement, RIBA Stage 2