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We believe that providing a positive landscape for the elderly in often new and unfamiliar surroundings, helps to make a place their own. The landscape should bring the outdoors into people’s lives through ease of access, views from indoors and integration into every day life. 




Hammerson House

Architect: Pollard Thomas Edwards
Client: Nightingale Hammerson

Hammerson House is an existing care home on The Bishop’s Avenue in Barnet which has provided holistic care, assistance and support to older Jewish people since 1961. Our client, Nightingale Hammerson, will be reinvigorating the care home, embracing best practice residential care and exemplary nursing care for older people with dementia. FHA has designed the grounds with these principles in mind.

Finding ways to integrate the outdoors into every day life can be a challenge and must be met with real management and design commitment. The health and well-being benefits of the landscape are profound and can also support valuable daily routine and exercise.
— Farrer Huxley Associates