Farrer Huxley Associates

Broadwick House


Broadwick Street


30 Broadwick Street, Soho


FHA enhanced the roof landscape for the 30 Broadwick Street, enriching the user experience and create better quality amenity space for the residents of the building.


Client: Great Portland Estate

Architects: EMRYS

Best West End New Build – OAS Development Awards 2017

DSC_0021 .jpg

The new design built on the existing consent and raised the character of both hard and soft materials through high quality finishes, bespoke furniture with a rich planting palette and green walls as a backdrop.

The proposed development sits below the Viewing Corridor from Primrose Hill to the Palace of Westminster. The landscape design had to make sure that no structures will impede the view.

Following the architects (EMRYS) inspiration from Soho/Berwick Street fashion and textile history and picking up on the ‘dart wall’ decorative detail, FHA has explored the ‘pleating’ effect of fabric and used this as inspiration for the landscape. It is reflected in the ‘zig zag’ shape of planting borders and planting panels of the green wall. The irregular planting offset with the line of the balustrade created not only an interesting play on ‘in and out’ contours but also adding a 3D effect in the borders. The aim was to create a connection between the inside and the outside, and to create a seamless flow between the spaces.

Due to the specific characteristics of the roof environment and limited amount of growing medium, a restricted amount of species and cultivars could be chosen. All planting has been contract grown at the nursery to ensure it adapts and thrive in such restricted conditions.