Farrer Huxley Associates

Marylebone Green Playground




Regents Park, Marylebone


FHA designed and implemented the Marylebone Gate Project in Regent’s Park to replace the well-worn, but very popular part of this Royal Park close to Marylebone Gate.


Client: The Royal Parks

Architects: N/A


Our design centered upon three themes:

Firstly, a ‘Retro zone’ retaining some of the traditional and consistently popular play elements such as swings, a roundabout and see-saw. 

Secondly, a natural play area in a planted grass setting, which includes a willow tunnel and large fallen tree for climbing. 

Thirdly, the distinctive character of the contemporary play area is inspired by the regular ‘Frieze Art Show’, which takes place each year in the adjacent park.  This informed the spiral folly and central play zone elements. 

The playground has achieved exactly what we set out to achieve. I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much to everybody involved; from the beginning all those years ago where we made a commitment to diversify our play offer, through to design concept, consultation, construction, trouble-shooting, taking tough decisions, and to the launch event with all of the associated activities and support
— Nick Biddle, TRP - Regents park