Farrer Huxley Associates

Primrose Hill


Primrose Hill Trimtrail


Primrose Hill, Camden


The trimtrail was first installed over 20 years ago and has been well used since. The exercise space was popular, but has had no significant investment since it was installed. FHA engaged in a consultation-led approach which resulted played a key role within the development plans to update the trim trail, ensuring plans to update the trail were seen as a positive.


Client: Royal Parks

Architects: N/A


The trimtrail is very popular with the general public and licensed personal trainers. Therefore, understanding current use, views on improvement, and feedback on design proposals during the process was imperative.

Plans to update the space were seen as a positive, but people were keen to point out that they do not want to see 'yet another outdoor gym’.

The appeal and popularity of the trim trail is the simple, robustness of the equipment which allows for a large range of exercises. After two consultation events the following became apparent and has been incorporated into the proposals:

·       To develop a surface strategy (considering material, maintenance and adequate areas around equipment)

·       To duplicate the most popular equipment

·       To ensure and provide equipment for a varied level of abilities

·       To maintain the characteristics of the trim