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Barnfield Estate


Barnfield Estate



Barnfield Estate, Greenwich


Barnfield is home to more than 1800 residents from diverse backgrounds. Over 30% of residents are under the age of 16. The estate faces a range of complex social, physical and economic issues particularly focused around anti-social and gang related activity.


Client: Royal Borough of Greenwich

Architects: N/A


FHA undertook extensive consultation with estate residents, a Residents Group and a Partnership Group (of local stakeholders and businesses). Consultation events and site walkabouts were arranged in tandem with local football training programme on the estate and other youth activities and special consideration was given on how to engage with ‘hard to reach’ groups, such as teenagers and younger children, and how to make their voices heard and understood.  

FHA consulted with local SBD officers and worked closely with Greenwich’s Safer Communities Team to understand the issues both on the site and in the locality. FHA prepared a Safe Design Strategy that included CCTV and new external lighting.

FHA have designed a community-led masterplan that delivers a strategy for positive change for all. This plan understood and supported by the community, and now ready to be adopted and taken forward by Greenwich Borough Council.