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Devons Road


Devons Road


Devons Road, Tower Hamlets


In this new development close to Devons Road DLR, a strong emphasis has been placed on creating a multifunctional and safe environment for everyone, including flexible areas for play and enjoyment. 


Client: Peabody

Architects: CJCT / PTAL


The development Bow Enterprise Park is located along Violet Road, and close to Devons Road DLR station in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The whole development will be delivered in four phases including a range of external areas and a new plaza to Devons Road DLR station.

The design of the external areas for Phase 1 has already been implemented, and has created a public realm within a green setting and this allows residents to enjoy the various areas for play, socialising and contemplation. A strong emphasis is given to create a multifunctional, safe environment for everyone that provides flexible areas for play and enjoyment.

By introducing a meandering pathway across the courtyard residents are able to enjoy the outdoor space everyday on their way to work/ leisure whilst play rooms with dense planting invite for play and socialising along the way. The flowing patterns of the planting and the main circulation pathway weave a beautiful pattern throughout the whole courtyard that can be enjoyed from the flats above, as well as at ground level. A mix of single and multistem tree planting will serve as wind mitigation and also create an interesting juxtaposition of heights and textures when walking through the courtyard. Seasonal colour intervention such as spring bulbs, autumn colour and perennials will ensure that the courtyard is visually stimulating and enjoyable throughout the year.