Farrer Huxley Associates

Pinnacle City Pride




Landmark Pinnacle, Canary Wharf


FHA has been involved in creating a series of breathtaking communal spaces on the 27th, 56th and 75th floors of this landmark development in Canary Wharf.


Client: Chalegrove Properties Ltd

Architects: Squire and Partners

L27 planting image.jpg

On the 27th Floor we have proposed an ‘outside’ environment, lush verdant and inviting, that offers play choices for children to play.

Higher up, on floor 56, an elegant and calm space for meeting, contemplation and reading is proposed. Rich planting in raised planters will create a vibrant interplay of greens; ranging from light limes to richer, darker greens and accentuated by varying foliage textures.

Floor 75 is inspired by the idea of ‘sitting in clouds.’ The overall experience will be spectacular and otherworldly, and bold planting will be clipped into architectural ‘cloud’ forms of topiarised hedging. Emergent specimen small trees will bring spring blossom and autumn leaf colour.