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Maritime Streets


Maritime Streets


WINNER - Adding Value Through Landscape, LI Awards 2018

Maritime Streets,


This high quality, safe and beautiful public realm acts as a catalyst for the wider regeneration and renewal of the neighbourhood and Barrow-in-Furness.


Client: Barrow Borough Council

Other awards:
Best Commercial Landscape Design, Northern Design Awards 2017


Barrow has a rich industrial heritage, but the decline in traditional industry has resulted in hardship. This was starkly reflected in Maritime Streets’ desolate and degraded landscape, where many of the flats were deserted. Increasing occupancy was a key indicator of the success of improvements to the public realm. The regeneration of the area has culminated in a vastly increased occupancy, delivering concomitant benefits to the local economy.

The connecting pathways form the basis of the design, focusing on re-creating social links. Residential blocks are visually stitched together, creating a sense of community cohesion. The intersection of paths defines spaces for socialising and play, offering different routes for walking to work or simply enjoying the landscape’s biodiversity.

Many vulnerable adults were housed in the blocks and we were determined to work with the community, not just for them. With valuable first-hand experience, their voices would remain central to any changes considered. During consultation we promoted the importance of resident engagement, to generate a sense of pride and ownership, and safeguard the condition of the landscape. A gardening club has been established with the future possibility of members taking on some responsibility for maintenance.

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